The Ten Commandments: God's Foundation for Your Moral Choices

1. There are three ingredients to your ethical system.

     A. The first ingredient is your view of obligation.

     B. The second ingredient is your system of values

     C. The third ingredient is your motivation to fulfill your obligations and follow your values.


2. There are two aspects of your obligation.

     A. Negative commands preserve your freedom.

     B. Positive commands restrict your freedom.


3. There are three kinds of commands in the Bible.

     A. The Bible contains perpetually binding commands.

     B. The Bible contains temporary commands.

     C. The Bible contains Christian liberty commands.


4. The following is an overview of the Ten Commandments.

     A. Each command deals with an aspect of sanctity

     B. Each command deals with an aspect of the being of God.

     C. The structure of these commands follow the treaty form of the Old Testament


Three challenges for our study of the Ten Commandments:

1. Memorize the Ten Commandments with their corresponding sanctity as we study them.

2. Figure out what aspects of the character of God is demonstrated to others when you obey each command.

3. Use these commands as a foundation for your moral choices, and live the life God designed you to live!

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