The New Birth

What did Jesus say to Nicodemus as new revelation from God? John 3:3-4

Hod did Jesus qualify his explanation? John 3:6

What was Jesus' main teaching throughout the gospels? John 3:3, 5

What is the symbol or metaphor that Jesus explains how the Holy Spirit comes to people? John 3:8

Extra Credit - Why do people die? Romans 5:12

How d yoyu know that you are in the Kingdom of God, that is, Born Again? John 1:12,13

A. By your parents  B. Spiked by intellect

C. You willed it  D. You were born of God

How do people become Born Again?  John 3:8

How did that happen? John 3:8

Define: Hebrew - Ruach

             Greek - Pneuma

What is the CALL of God?  A call to______________________.

John 3:8

The Holy Spirit is called our_______________________.

John 16:7

Where is Jesus?  Acts 7:56, Hebrews 10:12, I Corinthians 15:24

Are you Born Again?  Yes____  No____ Not Sure____

Are you growing in Christ?  Yes____  No____ Not Sure____

In either case, are you following the CALL of the HOLY SPIRIT?

Did I go from preaching to meddling? 

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