The Goodness of Full Faith in God

1. Barnabas felt sympathy for outsiders because genuine faith feels the wonder of once having been an outsider but now being accepted by God. Acts 11:22; 9:26-27; 4:36

2. Barnabas yielded to the call of God through the church because genuine faith rests in God's missionary purpose. Acts 11:22-23; 13:2-3; Matthew 28:18-20

3. Barnabas saw the grace of God in an imperfect church because genuine faith is attracted to grace. Acts 11:23

4. Barnabas rejoiced over the grace of God in the lives of others because genuine faith savors grace. Acts 11:23

5. Barnabas labored for the perseverance of the saints because genuine faith knows the necessity of vigilance for itself and therefore for others. Acts 11:23

6. Barnabas was utterly trustworthy with other people's money because genuine faith breaks the power of greed. Acts 11:29-30; 4:36-37

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