Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage and You

!. the Pharisees confront Jesus concerning divorce. 

2. Jesus clarifies what God says concerning marriage. 

3. Jesus challenges the Pharisees' unbiblical view of divorce.

4. Jesus communicates God's mercy concerning divorce.

5. Divorce is common because we are sinners.

6. The apostle Paul rounds out God's mind concerning divorce.

A. Christians who were divorced before they came to faith in Christ should understand that it is good to remain single. However, if they do not have self-control, they may marry a Christian.

B. Christians who are married to a believer should remain married. If they do divorce for any other reason than adultery, they should remain single or be reconciled to their mate. 

C. Christians who are married to unbelievers where the unbeliever wants to remain married should remain married.

Christians who are married to an unbeliever where the unbeliever wants to leave should let them leave. 

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