Living in the Palm of His Hand

1. Wisdom gives you balance.  Ecclesiastes 7:16-18; Isaiah 40:13-14; Proverbs 3:7; Romans 12:16; Luke 18:11-14

2. Wisdom gives you strength.  Ecclesiastes 7:19-22

A. Wisdom gives you the strength to accept the painful tensions in life.  Ecclesiastes 7:19-20

B. Wisdom gives you the strength to avoid the pitfalls of gullibility.  Ecclesiastes 7:21

C. Wisdom gives you the strength to handle criticism.  Ecclesiastes 7:21

3. Wisdom gives you insight.  Ecclesiastes 7:23-29

A. We cannot understand ourselves, nor can we make ourselves wise.  Ecclesiastes 7:23-24

B. Intimate relations can be exciting, but often are not satisfying.  Ecclesiastes 7:25-28

C. Our basic problems are not above us; they are within us.  Ecclesiastes 7:29

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