Hope For All Sinners

1. Your failures cannot be hidden from the risen Savior's sight. 

A. Jesus knows about Peter's failure before it happens.

Mark 14:27-31

B. Jesus acknowledges Peter's failure when it happens.

Luke 22:54-62

C. Jesus addresses Peter's failure after it happens. 

Mark 16:7

2. Your failures cannot separate you from the risen Savior's love.

A. Peter's failure is as bad as any failure can be. 

Mark 16:7

B. Christ's love is greater than Peter's failure.

John 3:16; Romans 5:8; Luke 24:35; 1Corinthians 15:5

3. Your failures do not exclude you from the risen Savior's service. 

A. God uses your failures to teach you.

Mark 14:29; 1Peter 5:5; 1Peter 4:7; 2:20; 3:15

B. God uses your failures to teach others. 

Luke 22:32; John 21:16

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