Great Expectations

Sermon Notes

I. Introduction: "Expect the Unexpected"

II. Going To The Temple

A.  2 Rites: Purification and Presentation

i. Purification (Leviticus 12)

ii. Presentation (Exodus 13)

B. Pious, poor Jews

III. Simeon (v. 25)

A. Character

B. Led by Spirit

IV. Awaiting the Consolation of Israel

A. Meaning of consolation

B. Israel in need of consolation

i. Foreign oppression

ii. OT promises: theological dilemma

C. Groups who sought consolation

i. Consolation through self-discipline: Pharisees

ii. Consolation through political maneuvering: Sadducees

iii. Consolation through force: Zealots

iv. Consolation through seculsion: Essenes

D. Simeon thinking in Isaianic terms: "The Lord's Christ" (vv. 29-32)

i. Consolation in Isaiah (Isaiah 40-60) - "Servant of the Lord"

ii. Universality of the consolation

Rising and falling (vv. 34-35)

V. Conclusion: Who is your Messiah?

A. Expectations of the Messiah

i. 1st century sects

ii. What about us?

B. Isaianic Expectation of the Messiah

i. Not about me

ii. We don't control Him.

iii. Jesus as the "The Lord's Christ"

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