Discipline Yourself For Godliness

1. Three truths that should motivate you to discipline yourself for godliness

A. Godliness is profitable for this life and for the life to come. 1 Timothy 4:8

B. God is alive and wants to have a relationship with you. 1 Timothy 4:10

C. God forgives all who believe. 1 Timothy 4:10

2. Disciplining yourself for godliness

A. It is a life-long process. 1 Timothy 4:7

B. It is hard work. 1 Timothy 4:10

C. It requires removing hindrances. 1 Timothy 4:7

D. It focuses on God. 1 Timothy 4:10

E. It calls for organizing your life around your goal. 

F. It is consistent with grace.

G. It includes relaxation.

H. It is sensitive to what God is doing in your Life.

I. It is being constantly nourished in and obedient to the truths of the faith. 1 Timothy 4:6

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