Celebrating the Gospel

1.  The gospel will transform your life.

A. The gospel flows from God's mercy and grace to you.

1 Timothy 1:13-14

B. The gospel is for sinners like you.

1 Timothy 1:15

C. The gospel transforms you from a sinner to a minister.

1 Timothy 1:12


2. You should regularly recall what God has done and is doing in your life through the gospel.

A.  Recalling your salvation story makes you grateful for what God has done in your life.

1 Timothy 1:12

B.  Recalling your salvation humbles you before God and other people

1 Timothy 1:13-15

C. Recalling your salvation story motivates you to share the gospel with other people.

1 Timothy 1:16

D. Recalling your salvation story causes you to worship God.

1 Timothy 1:17


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