Jamaica Church Partnership

 Family Partners

Jim & Karen Blumenstock
with ABWE in Southeast Asia

Mike & Valerie Boado
with CTEN in the Philippines
Jeff & Lisa Chudy
with Cru to Indiana University Bloomington
Aaron & Stephanie Cochrell
with Baptist Mid-Missions in Peru
Gary & Marty Crawford
with ABWE to Jamaica & the Caribbean
Jim & Kristina Foster with Good Hope Ministries in South Africa
Rick & Christy Gascho
with Pioneers to Czech Republic
Don & Jenny Herr
with The Navigators to Indiana University, Bloomington
Alan & Tara Mayhak
with ABWE in Australia
David & Kathy Meade
with Propempo International in Georgia, USA
Andy & Lindsey Messmer
with ABWE in Spain
Rich & Karyn Visser
with Baptist Mid-Missions in France
Pete & Cindy Zull
with ISI to Purdue University, Indiana, USA

Partner Organizations



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